5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in Michigan

Scariest Haunted House in Michigan – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

We love scary haunted houses and visit lots of them if we can, though I have to say I always shriek the loudest!  It’s the live scare actors that always terrify me! 

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in Michigan.


Haunted Houses


Schell Family Farm

10055 Dexter-Pinckney Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169

Ghostly Grove can be found at Schell Family Farm “Our intention is to create not only a locally spectacular haunting experience, but one that is known throughout the Mid-West! We’ve hired professional set designers, and an extraordinary cast to help us make this a truly unique destination.

Deep in the woods of ghostly grove is a plain grave marked by a simple cross. This burial plot is the final resting place of Abigail Appleseed – a tortured woman destined from birth for an unfortunate existence.  Those who knew her wanted nothing more than to completely erase even the memory of her.

Everyone knows the story of Johnny Appleseed and how he was famous for planting apple trees across the eastern united states. But few know the story of Johnny’s sister, Abigail.  .Johnny & Abigail were twins and back in the late 1700’s it was not uncommon for difficult births to end in tragedy.

Such was the case when Johnny & Abigail were born. Johnny was delivered with little problem and great joy as he was the firstborn son of his father. Abigail’s birth, minutes later, was not an easy one and their mother took her last breath just as her daughter entered this world.  Their father made no secret about the fact that he believed Abigail had caused his beloved wife’s death and as such Johnny was the favored child while Abigail was treated like less than a servant.”

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New Salem Corn Maze

4516 24th St, Dorr, MI 49323

At New Salem Corn Maze there is a haunted corn maze.  “Enter the corn at your own risk. This night time adventure will take you on a wild and ride of dead ends, twists & turns, confusion, mayhem and to top it off you will be stalked by our devilish team of corn stalkers, Do you think you can handle it? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Take a stroll down one of the two paths in the witches woods. It’s up to you on “Witch” path to take, whether you take the “Twisted” or the “Wicked” you will scream around every corner. If you are really up for a challenge, try the haunted corn maze. It will leave you out of breath as you crawl, walk or run your way through the twist and turns as you try to escape the crazy atmosphere.”

There are haunted trails, the haunted corn maze and a family friendly Halloween Light Spooktacular.


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Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors

31401 John R Rd bldg 2, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Are you brave enough to visit the number one rated scare house in Michigan?

Azra is celebrating our 5th season by turning up the scare and party in line while you wait! Come see for yourself why we have been voted the #1 haunt destination and fan favorite in all of Metro-Detroit by Scare Factor and Haunt World.

Azra Chamber of Horrors is Metro Detroit’s newest and most terrifying haunted house experience. Each chamber is more menacing than the last. Every turn holds a new terror, so no matter what your darkest fear is, we’ve got it covered.

Rated number one Haunt in Michigan, top 20 in the country, and boasting the rating of #1 fan favorite in the country via Scare Factor, this interactive multi-level maze of a haunted house was formally one of the greatest Laser Tag arenas around. Previously known as Laser Warp and before that Laser Quest, it is now transformed into Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House. With our covered area and top of the line entertainment, every moment of this haunt promises to thrill.

We are located right next door to our sister company Escape Room Zone. Our Madison Heights location has a variety of attractions to offer including Axe Throwing, Rage Rooms, and Escape Rooms, including Virtual Reality Escape experiences!”


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DarkSyde Acres Haunted House

11375 Rowe Rd, Jonesville, MI 49250

There is so much going on at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House you are guaranteed a Spook-tastic time ….

“Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind ghostly experience this Halloween 2022 season? Tired of spending time and money on multiple attractions to get your fill of fear? Look no further! Hidden away in rural southern Michigan is your one-stop shop for a scary good time!

Darksyde Acres has proudly scared residents of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois for 15 years, along with guests from 39 other states and 21 different countries.”


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Darksyde Acres


Hush Haunted Attraction

37550 Cherry Hill Rd, Westland, MI 48185

Hush has so much to offer all ages this scare season! 

“Welcome to Hush! One of the greatest haunted houses in Michigan and haunted houses in Detroit as well! Brimming with fearful atmosphere and spine-tingling scares lurking around every corner, Hush earns its stars by striking at your deepest, darkest fears.

Once you enter, you are at the mercy of the monsters inside. And it will be the most fun you’ll have while getting scared!


Popularized and hyped like never before, Hush is one of those rare attractions that gets better and better every time you attend. You will notice things you had not noticed before. The incredible set design, attention to grisly and graphic detail in all the props and production, the characterizations that the scare actors embody while they are terrifying you, and even the scents. It can change from mysterious to rancid in a millisecond. That is how you know the dead have awoken! Realistic and wildly unpredictable, these haunted houses in Michigan are proud to present themselves at their peak, in full-fledged horror chiller form! To learn more about Hush and other fantastic haunted houses, visit MichiganHauntedHouses.com.


These haunted houses in Detroit have a unique combined name: HUSHHush could mean a number of things, especially as you navigate your way through its halls, mazes, and rooms of screams and terror! Think of all the monsters who love to hear your screams as they drag you away to the depths of your worst fears? What happens once they consume you completely? Silence. Nothing. Things are back to normal. Almost like you were never there. A hush falls over these haunted houses in Michigan. It could also roughly translate to the bizarre and macabre evil-doings that have taken place inside this malevolent haunted house in Detroit. But the locals want to be hushhush about it. Therefore luring in more victims for the haunt to consume! If you’re not chicken, then venture into Hush and find out what the term is really for. Enjoy the Halloween season like you have never enjoyed it before!


HUSH Haunt opens for Kids on October 30th this year from 2p-5p! Experience a lights-on adventure with candy and meet-and-greet with the monsters.”


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