5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in the Bay Area

Scariest Haunted House in the Bay Area – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

We love scary haunted houses and visit lots of them if we can, though I have to say I always shriek the loudest!  It’s the live scare actors that always terrify me! 

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in the Bay Area.


Haunted Houses



Fear Overload Scream Park

2086 Newpark Mall, Newark, CA 94560

You are invited to witness the terror at Fear Overload Scream Park... 

“Noted as being the best Haunted House Bay Area attractions, Fear Overload Scream Park’s nightmares that are worth revisiting and gawking over. Displayed gloriously on HauntedHouse.com, Fear Overload offers 2 ecstatic, over-the-top haunted houses rich with monsters and unsavory demons from the darkest depths of your fears.


Highlighted on HauntedHouses.com, Fear Overload is popular and well-known throughout California and even most of the country. Expertly crafted and built up from scratch, the ideas keep flowing and construction is non-stop, providing some of the most detailed mazes and areas that’ll make you believe you’re really trapped in a Basement with flesh-hungry abominations who want to take you home to play with. The most realistic and unpredictable Haunted House Bay Area allure, showcased even more elegantly on HauntWorld.com, not to mention noted by Forbes as “The Best in the West,” and named “Scariest in California,” by HauntWorld itself, Fear Overload lives up to its titles by placing you in the center of terror and letting your imagination run wild.


The title of Fear Overload is not just for show, it is a meaningful inscription that correlates to what we like to pride ourselves on. What we have established throughout the years we have been dominating the Halloween season. And that is about facing fears and confronting nightmares. No one likes to be scared or fearful of what makes them shiver and stay awake at night, but Fear Overload Scream Park thrives off of those nightmarish consternations. You will be afraid in Fear Overload, and you will scream hence the “Scream Park.” But fears are meant to be faced, and while they may not be conquered all of the time, they can certainly be dealt with. A lot of people do not just come back to Fear Overload to experience the amazing monsters, the wild sets, and the extravagant theatrics. They come back so they can share the experience with people they love. So face your fears this season with your friends and family. Show that you are capable of making it through these haunted houses in the Bay Area screaming and wailing but with a smile on your face. Being scared is a part of life, and Fear Overload makes sure that we celebrate that part wholesomely.”


haunted houses bay area



Fantozzi Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

2665 Sperry Ave, Patterson, CA 95363

At Fantozzi Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch you will find a “drive-thru haunted attraction! The drive-thru haunted attraction includes scary scenes and both animated and live characters that are sure to give you a scare!”


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Arata’s Pumpkin Farm

185 Verde Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Arata’s Pumpkin Farm is the “oldest sustainable pumpkin farm in San Mateo County.

Pumpkins have been a way of life at the Arata Farm since 1932.

We are dedicated to family fun for all ages. Every year we set up thousands of hay bales to construct our unique, world-famous Minotaur’s Labyrinth hay maze and we feature numerous other attractions for adults and children. Join the thousands that visit us annually for good, clean harvest-time entertainment, activities, and, of course, our pumpkins!

If you’re looking for the adventure of Minotaur’s Labyrinth but want to mix in a bit of spookiness and thrills, come take a trip inside our haunted barn. At over 6,000 square feet we guarantee it won’t be a quick journey. In fact, we can’t even promise you’ll make it out at all! We change up the scares every year so bring some friends and find out who among you can hold their nerve… this time.

Petting zoos are great family fun for all ages. We have a large variety of friendly animals including goats, bunny rabbits, white doves and many more! All of our critters love to be around people and love to be fed with treats that can be purchased at the farm. Come see and enjoy interacting with our furry family!”


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Dead Time Dreams

2501 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

Dead Time Dreams ….like bedtime dreams but waaaaaaaay scarier….

“Our business goals and philosophy is to provide a incredible Haunted House experience. You are not just walking through looking at painted room scenes. These attractions are far more like actually being in the movie itself with all the realism and details for a full sensory impact where you try and cope with what’s happening as your psyche is being assailed….

No longer do you stand waiting in line, now you have a whole Midway of Terror to entertain you even before entering the attraction. This year, the experience will be a whole detailed pre-show that gets the mood or was it blood flowing, even before you go facing the dark passageways of horrors. See the Freaks and Creatures that have never been seen before, special nightly shows that are different happenings each night, The Midway of Terror is a dark and intense experience which is better than most haunted attractions you will have ever experienced before!”


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Dead Time Dreams


Blind Scream Haunted Houses

98 Plaza, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Blind Scream Haunted Houses is a super scary place to visit this Halloween season…

“Deep in the dank, dark woods stands a dilapidated old dwelling that the townsfolk steer clear of. It’s inhabited by 3 terrible sisters, each one as evil as hell itself. They have poisoned the surrounding lands and cursed anyone who dares enter this vile place they claim as home. Those brave enough to cross the threshold, well, they NEVER RETURN.

Our goal is to scare you! This is not a haunt for the faint of heart. You will be scared. Often parents think that because a child has seen scary movies that they will be able to handle a live haunt. Our experience is that this is not the case. Actors give the same level of scare to all ages. Staff will have the right to remove a child at any time we feel that they are being traumatized. We do not give refunds if the child is asked to be removed, or can not make it all the way through.”


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Blind Scream Haunted House


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