5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in South Carolina

Scariest Haunted House in South Carolina– are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

We love scary haunted houses and visit lots of them if we can, though I have to say I always shriek the loudest!  It’s the live scare actors that always terrify me! 

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in South Carolina.


Haunted Houses


Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Houses

645 Old Anderson Rd, Greenville, SC 29611

Are you brave enough to visit the attraction which is considered to be the scariest in the region??!! Be sure to wear your brave pants when you head on over to Nightmare Dungeon!


If you’re looking for Haunted Haunted Houses or Trails in S.C. Nightmare Dungeon is the best and scariest by far , the most terrifying haunted house in the Upstate of Greenville South Carolina. Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction is equated with being inside a live horror film.  

The tour of this 120+ year old “Cabin In The Woods” is filled with high tech special effects, realistic sets, and professional actors. This will bring your nightmares and fears to life.”


Scariest Haunted House in South Carolina
Nightmare Dungoen


Booger Jim’s Hollow Haunted House

278 Doolittle St, Blacksburg, SC 29702

Established and activley scaring people for over 15 years, Booger Jim’s Haunted House should definitely be on your Halloween attractions list! 

“Welcome To Booger Jim’s Hollow. Our Haunted House Attractions Have Been Horrifying the People of Blacksburg, SC Since 2006. Booger Jim’s Hollow LLC is a Blacksburg Haunted House and haunted trail surrounding the legend of Booger Jim. Visit us on select nights during haunt season for a Halloween experience we guarantee you will never forget.”


Scariest Haunted House South Carolina
Booger Jim’s


The Dark Knight’s Terror Trail

2076 Hwy Church Rd, Elgin, SC 29045

The Dark Knight’s Terror Trail has fun attractions to enjoy throughout the year although during the Halloween season it certainly becomes a whole lot scarier!

“We at Dark Castle strive to scare, but we know that not everyone scares the same, so we will amaze, stupify, frighten, startle, disgust and possibly offend, but we will ALWAYS entertain! We are a volunteer based haunt, which means our entire staff is working just because they love to see you twitch! These are some of our full time volunteers and artists that help to make your experience a pleasantly terrifying one.”


Haunted Houses in South Carolina
The Dark Knight’s Terror Trail


Madworld Haunted Attractions

 147 Country Manor Rd, Piedmont, SC 29673

In addiotn to the the terrifying aspects of the Halloween attractions at Madworld, they also cater for those who scare a little easily or who are too young to enjoy the traditional Halloween scare tactics. 

“FAMILY FUN – Madworld’s fall family events in Greenville, SC include picnic areas, bonfires, music, photos with our grounds characters, access to great food and more!

f your little ones would like to walk through Madworld’s haunted attraction with you, but you’re a little skeptical about how they’ll handle the onslought of monsters – or even how you will handle it, then never fear. No literally… never fear. Purchase a No-Scare medallion at the ticket booth before you enter, and you or your loved one will be given “superhero” powers. In fact, Madworld’s monsters will be so afraid of your new mojo, they’ll literally run AWAY from you. Control your family’s fate and take back the night with No Scare Medallions – Only At Madworld.”


Scariest Haunted House SC


The Fear Farm 

424 Ninety-Nine Island Rd, Blacksburg, SC 29702

There is so much to see and do at The Fear Farm in Blacksburg SC…

“It’s Harvest Time at One of the Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in SC – You still snooze with the light on from last year’s haunted house in SC, but it is time again to scream yourself to sleep after you visit The Fear Farm. We have enjoyed years of freaking out the Upstate and the Charlotte area. Are you ready for what we have waiting for you this Halloween?

5 Terrifying Haunted attractions await you at our haunted farm in Blacksburg – People come from all around the Carolinas to survive the horrors we have in store for you. Our ticket booth is open every Friday and Saturday in October from 7-11:30 pm and Sundays/Halloween night from 7-10pm, but we don’t close until every last soul is gone. The Fear Farm features more thrills and chills than you can handle, along with:


  • • Free parking to lure you in
  • • A full concession stand to settle your shaky nerves and your growling stomach
  • • A gift shop to prove you survived your visit to the scariest of SC haunted attractions
  • • Group rates, if can scrounge up 13 or more brave peopl
  • • Nightly frights, rain or shine


Head Out in the Dark of Night – It is a short drive to one of the best haunted houses for Charlotte, NC and the Upstate. Follow the bloodcurdling screams to The Fear Farm, voted the Scariest Haunted House in SC twelve years in a row. You won’t leave disappointed or in a body bag, just scared out of your mind.”


Haunted House South Carolina
The Fear Farm



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