3 Places for the Best Corn Maze in Virginia

Best Places for a Corn Maze in Virginia – are you looking for a corn maze to get lost in?  Corn mazes make a fantastic family day out.  Have a look at our list of a-maze-ing corn mazes in VA.


Yoder’s Farm

1134 Browns Mill Rd, Rustburg, VA 24588

Yoder’s Farm offer “pick-your-own to all the family so everyone can get out in the fresh air and for some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

Corn Maze Rules

  • Always stay on the trails. Do not bust through the corn. A corn maze is a living puzzle, please help us keep it in great shape throughout the season.
  • No running or pushing. The ground is rough in places, the corn maze is planted in a field. We are not responsible for accidents.
  • No picking or throwing corn. Again, this is a living puzzle, please help us keep it in great shape.
  • No littering. Anything you carry into the corn maze should come out with you.
  • Alcohol and smoking are both prohibited in the corn maze and on the farm.
  • No pets. (We do allow service animals!)
  • Have fun! Seriously, enjoy yourselves…”
virginia corn maze
Yoder’s Farm


Green Truck Farm

3015 Hartland Lane ,Markham, VA

Green Truck Farm is a super popular family-run farm has a wide variety of fruit and berries to pick, starting with strawberries in mid-May.

Take the whole family for a fabulous day out in the countryside and be rewarded with delicious succulent strawberries picked by your very own hands!

It’s worth noting that the farm has lots of other produce on offer throughout the year too.


Greenhouse with fresh herbs, greens, vegetables and flowers
Asparagus: April/May
Strawberries: May/June
Blueberries: June/July
Blackberries: June/July
Black Raspberries: June/July
Summer Vegetables: July/August/September
Red Raspberries: July – October
Pumpkins/Winter Squash: September/October
Honey: Call for availability
Corn Maze/Fun Field: September/October


corn mazes virginia
Green Truck Farm

Flanegan Farm

1707 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Flanagan Farm is located in an area commonly known as Pungo Ridge.  Pungo Ridge is home to some of the most prime soils for vegetable farming in Virginia Beach. The part where Flanagan Farm is located on is  currently farmed by the fourth and fifth generations to consecutively produce crops on this farm. This farm offers lifetimes of farming science and know how.

“We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables starting in the Spring and going all the way through fall.

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best produce directly from our fields for their tables. Freshness and quality of produce at a fair price, is the basis of everything we do. We are a sustainable farm, not only being the fourth and fifth generations to farm this ground, but in our production practices as well. We follow integrated pest management (IPM), scouting fields and determining what critters need to be controlled and how based on economic thresholds. Basically only treating for a pest when the pest is causing enough damage where it is justified to control them, whether it be through cultural, biological, or chemical controls.

Each fall we offer Family Fall activities! We’ve got wagon rides across the farm, a U-Pick pumpkin patch, a Corn Maze as well as a Straw Maze for the younger crowd.”

corn maze in virginia
Flanagan Farm


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