10 Best Fruit Picking Farms in Florida

fruit picking farms

Best Fruit Picking Farms in FL for Family Days Out – There are so many wonderful farms in Florida to visit, almost all year round.  You can pick strawberries, cherries, lavender, blueberries, asparagus, and sunflowers in the early part of the year.  Later on there are raspberries, blackberries, pears, apples and pumpkins ripening in the fields. … Read more

11 Places for the Best Strawberry Picking in Florida

Best Places for Strawberry Picking Florida  – Strawberries! Little vibrant red bites of deliciousness, that give everyone the nostalgic taste of summer. Well known for pairing superbly with lashings of cream, strawberries are also heroes of the fruit world as they provide vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Strawberries are … Read more

4 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in Tampa

haunted house

Scariest Haunted House in Tampa– are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall?  As the nights get cooler and darker, the ghouls, witches and zombies appear from near and far to take the wits out of you. With outstanding scares, Tampa‚Äôs Haunted Houses host some award winning shows which are known … Read more