7 Places for Apple Picking in New York

Apple Picking in New York – The notion of apple picking is one that conjures up romantic images of happy families exploring picturesque orchards and picking crisp red fruit with golden leaves. Add to that dreamy location of New York and the perfect family activity has been created, with no tech in sight!  New York is as fabulous in Autumn as every other season, but it is also the ideal time to get out of the city, even just for a few hours, to enjoy the delights of the traditional, bucolic orchards and take some time enjoying the most classic of fall activities – pick-your-own apples! Apple picking season begins in September and continues through October.

Please do check opening times and more details with each farm before your visit, just in case anything has changed since we published this post.  Enjoy your apple picking!

Love Apple Farm

1421 State Route 9H, Ghent, NY 12075

Love Apple Farm first opened its gates in 1969, and has been an integral part of the farming community in the Hudson Valley ever since. At Love Apple, they are proud advocates of the social project to offer locally and honestly sourced fruit and vegetables to the local community, believing everyone has the right to know where their food comes from. The farm was established by a struggling actor and a model, who chose to purchase the farm in order to develop a rural oasis in which to escape life pressures, enjoy physical activities and pursue careers in literary in peace. And why the name Love Apple? Well, as you probably know, love apples are in fact another name for tomatoes, not apples at all!

There are a variety of stories as to why tomatoes got this rather lovely nickname. Our favorite is that its simply because of their heart – shape, which gave cause to the French to name it the pomme d’amour (Love Apple) as they believed it had aphrodisiac qualities. Regardless of all this, Love Apple Farm was given its name simply because the owners liked it! Interestingly, whilst juggling the demanding physical work load on the farm, the owner did indeed manage to write and publish his book. The farm has since changed hands, but the strong community values it has always prioritized has remained strong and true well into its 50 + years! Spanning 80 acres, Love Apple Farm is open all year around and is a popular destination for locals and visitors to enjoy fruit picking, a break from tech created stresses and some true rural living.

In addition to apples they also grow blackberries, blueberries, cherries, gooseberries, peaches, plums as well as raspberries & strawberries.As well as the fruit picking, at Love Apple Farm you can also enjoy the playground, petting farm, cafe, market and gift shop!


apple picking NY
Love Apple Farm


Stuart’s Fruit Farm

62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs NY

Located just an hour from New York City, Stuart’s Fruit Farm is a family-operated farm since 1828 located in Westchester County.

“Depending on your seasonal needs; visit us in the spring to buy a varied selection of flowers and vegetable plants, the autumn for apple picking, peach picking and visiting the pumpkin patch, and in the winter for Christmas trees. Visiting Stuart’s Fruit Farm in the autumn is an exceptional time of the year.  Aside from the perfect apple picking with an array of apples take a hayride around the orchard and visit the farm stand to buy fresh produce and the bakery for delicious apple cider donuts and homemade pies baked daily.  Finally, before heading home have a picnic with your family to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.”

Apple picking starts in early September and runs daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm through November, and there are a variety of over 20 apples to choose!


apple picking ny
Stuart’s Fruit Farm

Fishkill Farms

9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell JCT, NY 12533

At Fishkill Farm, they take their responsibility to sustainable and ethical farming very seriously.

“At Fishkill we grow food in harmony with nature. We are confident that even with New York climate challenges, we can cultivate good produce that’s nutritious for both us and the land. We pledge to improve our growing methods each season and to support our community as much as our soil supports our crops…The season culminates in the fall with more than a dozen classic NY apples varieties to pick from.”

Fishkill offers a wide variety of apples for picking. In early October you will find popular classics like Golden and Red Delicious, as well as possibly lesser-known Jonagold and Idareds. Interestingly when picked, the apples are covered with a fine, pale substance. This is Kaolin Clay and it is there to help protect the fruit from insects. Worry not – it is nontoxic and cleans off easily.


apple picking ny
Fishkill Farm

Grieg Farm

227 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571

At Greig Farm you are invited to gather your friends and family for an afternoon of apple picking at their Hudson Valley property.

“Whether you’re picking apples to make sauce, bake a pie, or just eat straight off of the tree, our orchard has a variety for you! Apple picking begins in late August and continues through late October…”

Greig Farm also offer some fascinating advice for fruit pickers.

“A common mistake is to pull apples off the tree. The problem with this approach is that when the tree finally releases your apple, the branch snaps back and shakes several other apples off of the tree. To pick an apple without disturbing the others, grab the apple and rotate your wrist forward. This will curl the apple against the stem and eventually break free.”


apple picking ny
Greig Farm

Soons Orchard – Apple Picking NY

23 Soons Cir, New Hampton, NY 10958

At Soons Orchard, they have been growing apples since 1910 and today have 30 acres wand over 55 apple varieties available.

“We’ve been growing apples since 1910 and today we have 30 acres with 50+ apple varieties for fresh eating plus another 35 especially for hard cider. We grow everything from McIntosh and Honeycrisp to Northern Spy and Cameo, so you’ll always find something you’ll like. We care for our apple orchards day in and day out, and when we harvest, we only pick what’s truly ready and at the peak of flavor.”


apple picking in New York
Soons Orchard

Wilkens Fruit and Fir Farm

1335 White Hill Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

At Wilkens the apple – picking season commences at the beginning of September and the farm staff recommend you visit early i the month to guarantee apples on the trees!

“We sell a wide variety of Apples and Pumpkins and Peaches – all of which you can pick yourself. In addition to these “Pick-Your-Own” items,  Wilkens Farm has several acres of Choose-n-Cut Christmas Trees. Also, while you’re here you might want to check out our three farm markets where we sell everything from our own pressed apple cider to freshly baked pies, famous apple cider donuts and gift items. Our harvest season starts in August with Peaches and beginning of September with Apples.”

apple picking ny
Wilkens Farm

Applewood Orchards

82 Four Corners Rd, Warwick NY 10990

The simple system at Applewood Orchards is simple, you buy a picking bag and you pay for the apples that you pick. The apple varieties available in September are Mcintosh Red, Cortland, Empire and Honeycrisp.

The apple varieties available in October are Jonagold, Gala, Golden Delicious, Rome and the Macoun.


apple picking in NY
Applewood Orchard


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