5 Beautiful Lavender Fields in Maryland

Lavender Fields Maryland – Perhaps surprisingly, fragrant, graceful lavender belongs to the mint family of herbs. Well known and easily recognized by its silvery-green foliage and purple, pink, or white flowers, it is a perennial plant that can live up to 20 years. Lavender is grown throughout the world today, and is native to areas surrounding the Mediterranean and countries east of India. Lavender flowers represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

Find out the best places to visit Lavender Farms in Maryland.


Soleado Lavender Farm

23611 W Harris Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842

Soleado Lavender Farm is the perfect place to get your lavender themed gifts and souvenirs.

“Soleado Lavender Farm is a 30 acre area that is part of a larger family farm. The farm has been cultivated organically since the early 60’s. Lavender is the main agricultural crop of this farm. From the lavender a variety of artisanal products are produced on farm.
The farm grows seven different varieties for a wide range of uses. Some varieties are the best for drying, or they may have the best culinary profile, others are exceptional for essential oil production. Some are medicinal, and some are just pretty to look at!
We have narrowed our selection down to the few that grow the best in Maryland.
Soleado Lavender Farm is a 30 acre area that is part of a larger family farm. The farm has been cultivated organically since the early 60’s.”


lavender farms maryland


Deep Creek Lavender Farm

625 Doerr Rd, Accident, MD 21520

Deep Creek Lavender Farm is a beautiful, picturesque meadow, with the stunning aroma of lavender wafting all around!

“We have had a fun journey as we have grown the farm from just a few lavender plants. Our farm store, loaded with lavender products, seems to be bursting with new products every year.  The farm has been a labor of love and we have had many friends, much family and friendly visitors helping us along the way.  Each and every day is a new adventure for us. The farm currently has nearly 1500 lavender  plants with 15 different varieties of English lavender in shades of  purple, white, and pink.  Stop in and visit the farm store  for a great selection of lavender products including eye masks, neck  wraps, quilts, body products, candles, lavender jams and jellies, plants  and so much more.  Culinary lavender grown on the farm is available for  purchase to try in recipes at home.  Visitors can pick their own  bouquet of lavender during bloom season (usually end of June through mid-July).  New things are being added all of the time!  Come and stay for a  while! Sit on the rockers and just enjoy our wonderful views.  Bring a picnic to enjoy in the fields or on the deck.  Visit  often throughout the growing season as the farm changes with the many colors and scents.”


lavender fields maryland



Kharis Lavender Fields 

20914 Merle Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20882

At Kharis Lavender Fields the family that own and run it are very passionate about their vision and their produce and they warmly invite you and yours to get involved.

“We have built a local business known for our picturesque lavender farm with high-quality products and services. Within the fields of Kharis, we are making our dreams a reality.

Lavender, a fragrant flower, is valued for its organic beauty, healing properties and more recently its growing popularity in the culinary world. Lavender fields wafting in the breeze is the epitome of grace. Hence, it made perfect sense to name our fields “Kharis”, from the Greek word χάρη, meaning “Grace.”


lavender fields maryland



Purple Rain Lavender Farm

3421 McCommons Rd, Churchville, MD 21028

A trip out to Purple Rain Lavender Farm is the perfect afternoon out in the sunshine for all the family – be sure to check the website for opening hours.

“Purple Rain Lavender Farm is a small  farm in Harford County, Maryland.   The farm has a seventy five year history of raising horses and growing crops in Harford County, Maryland.  In 2007 our family moved back to  the farm and began re-structuring the farming business.

Purple Rain Lavender Farm is a family owned farm nestled close to the Susquehanna River in Harford County, Maryland.  We are a small family farm and enjoy sharing our farm with the community we post our hours of operations on our website and Facebook page and have a variety of events during the season.  Our Facebook page is a good source for what’s happening and you can always email us questions about our farm, visiting, or upcoming events. ”


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Smokey Cat Lavender Farm

 5090 Long Swamp Rd, Federalsburg, MD 21632

Smokey Cat Lavender Farm is a Lavender Farm in the Heart of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The well stocked shop, selling many different lavender related items is open June through to August. At the same time the Upick is also available for all the family to enjoy.

Smokey Cat Lavender Farm offer lavender wreath making workshops, ideal for those who enjoy a bit of arts and crafts!


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