5 Beautiful Lavender Fields in Georgia

Lavender Fields in Georgia – Perhaps surprisingly, fragrant, graceful lavender belongs to the mint family of herbs. Well known and easily recognized by its silvery-green foliage and purple, pink, or white flowers, it is a perennial plant that can live up to 20 years. Lavender is grown throughout the world today, and is native to areas surrounding the Mediterranean and countries east of India. Lavender flowers represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

Find out the best places to visit Lavender Farms in GA.


Red Oak Lavender Farm and Shop

 2882 Red Oak Flats Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533

In addition to growing and harvesting masses of stunning lavender plants, at Red Oak Lavender Farm they also distill their own lavender oil, famous for promoting a great nights sleep.

“Nine Years of Growing Lavender in Georgia with 4,000 Lavender Plants and Flowers Galore and plans to double in size for 2022! Need a place to relax and breathe in the relaxing aroma of lavender?  We have the lavender fields to relax, enjoy, and find peace. RED OAK LAVENDER FARM is located in the North Georgia foothills close to vineyards, river waterways, and the historic town of Dahlonega. Today our farm is located on 5 acres of with 19 different varieties of lavender to enjoy and flower gardens. We were able to accomplish the impossible here at our farm and our miracle lavender gardens. Our Cottage Shop takes our lavender from the fields and create over 100 different lavender products – from our farm to you. Natural, pure, and highest quality possible.

Our Flower Gardens are amazing from late Spring until mid Autumn with all varieties of flowers from Alliums to Zinnas, Sunflowers and our 900+ Dahlias. On weekends we sale cut bouquets and sometimes u-cut flowers. With the farm filled with flowers and lavender how could you not resist a visit to our farm? Bring your cameras for amazing keepsake memories.”


lavender fields georgia

Lookout Lavender Farm

Rising Fawn, GA 30738

At Lookout Lavender they believe passionately in the health benefits of lavender and warmly invite you to visit their premises to find out all about it for yourselves.

“At Lookout Lavender Farm, our goal is to give back by sharing our fields with you in season, provide quality products with calming properties and beautify your world with lavender plants.  We also provide educational opportunities through our Lavender 101 classes and other upick events.  We believe in Better Living with Lavender. Please join us on our journey.

Experience calm and joy as you cut fresh lavender and linger with friends and family in our fields during the month of June. Our clients can also enjoy a limited selection of hand made lavender based products, available both in our farm store and online. “


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Lavender Lamb Farm

176 Bugle Dr, Cleveland, GA 30528

Lavender Lamb Farm is the perfect place to visit for a family day out in the countryside, where you can enjoy the scenery and purchase adorable lavender themed gifts and souvenirs.

“Lavender Lamb Farm is a beautiful hillside field of lavender with picturesque mountain views, providing many photo opportunities and a unique gift shoppe full of handmade lavender products.

Lavender Lamb Farm, founded in early 2016, is the culmination of the dream of Susan and Herb Lamb
The Lavender Shoppe sells products produced at the farm, including soaps, bath bombs, linen spray, lip balm, body lotions, , shampoo and conditioner, candles, lotion bars,eye pillows, hand warmers, spice blends, aromatherapy necklaces, and much more.”


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Big Creek Lavender Farm

30 Lambets Way, Alpharetta, GA 30005

If you can’t get out to visit the lavender farm, don’t worry, the lavender can come to you through online shopping at Big Creek Lavender Farm!

“A small private lavender farm we sell at farmers’ markets, craft shows, and offer a few items online. We offer a number of lavender options depending on the size of each year’s harvest. Typically in June, we have fresh lavender stems for sale at the Farmers Market, which is subject to availability.

If we’re fortunate and have a bountiful harvest, we dry lavender stems and offer them for sale as well. Typically, lavender sachets are available year round.”


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Saddle Creek Lavender Farm

30 Lambets Way, Alpharetta, GA 30005

Saddle Creek Lavender Farm would absolutely love you and your family to visit, admire their stunning purple fields and pick your own flowers.

“We are so excited to share our lavender and our farm with you. We will do this through our events, our products and our photography.  Our lavender blooms from late May until late June with peak blooms around the 1st and 2nd weeks in June.

Some varieties bloom again in late summer. We have planned family-centered events which include: picking your own bundles of lavender, purchasing your own products and plants, pony rides and fishing in our stocked pond. Go to the Events page for the dates and activities planned for our events. We have several products from fresh lavender to dried lavender, lip balm, sachets, candles, tick spray, mosquito spray, horse products and lavender-stuffed animals just to name a few.

Go to our Shop to see all of our available products. During our events you are welcome to take your own personal photos or you may book a photography appointment with a professional. Please plan a visit to our farm we’ll leave the gate open for you! ”


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