8 Places for the Best Apple Picking in Minnesota

Apple Picking in Minnesota – The notion of apple picking is one that conjures up romantic images of happy families exploring picturesque orchards and picking crisp red fruit with golden leaves. Add to that fascinating and diverse surroundings of Indiana and the perfect family activity has been created, with no tech in sight! 

As you explore Minnesota in the autumn be sure to get out into the countryside to enjoy the delights of the traditional, bucolic orchards and take some time enjoying the most classic of fall activities – pick-your-own apples!

Apple picking season in Minnesota begins in mid/late August and continues through to the end of October.

Please do check opening times and more details with each farm before your visit, just in case anything has changed since we published this post.  Enjoy your apple picking!


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Pine Tree Orchard Apples

450 Apple Orchard Rd, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

At Pine Tree Apple Orchard, they are committed to growing and providing the highest quality fruit in a sustainable environment. Caring for the environment is such an important and emotive subject these days, it is so important that we do our bit and support the farms that consider sustainability.

“If you are looking for fresh, locally grown apples and strawberries you have come to the right place!  Strawberry Season is mid-June to early July

Pine Tree Orchard takes growing apples very seriously. We are committed to growing high-quality fruit in an environmentally sustainable method. We are part of the Minnesota Grown Program and Minnesota Apple Growers Association.

Apples available in our salesroom that we have picked for you.
Apple availability can change quickly.  If you are looking for a specific variety please call ahead for updates.

Pine Tree Orchard is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota just northeast of the Twin Cities. Hundreds of individuals and families from the area make trips to Pine Tree Orchard a family tradition. Join them this year!”

From late September to late October they have a Corn Maze and then from early October you can pick your own pumpkins from their 6-acre patch.


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Brand Farms

18605 Biscayne Ave, Farmington, MN 55024

Brand Farms is a “small family farm. Originally purchased by Anton and Marie Brand, German immigrants, and has been passed down through four generations. Currently, Aaron Brand is the fourth generation who farms with his father, John. His 89 year old grandfather, Richard, still has a daily presence on the farm.

When Aaron graduated from college he choose to expand the farm, not by increasing the dairy herd, but by choosing to produce products they’ve never had before. He began with a few hens for their eggs and slowly expanded to 2000 that he has now. At the same time, he heard about a defunct apple orchard whose owner was looking to lease it.

He also planted a few apple trees on the farm building site, which has expanded over the years to the current 20 acres and 7,000 trees. Most of the trees are Minnesota varieties, apples that were developed here in Minnesota.

We are primarily a dairy farm in Farmington, MN. We also sell eggs, apples, raspberries, honey and apple products. Check back with us for new products this fall!”

In the fall they have a sunflower field, pick-your-own apples and pumpkins, as well as hay rides and some scheduled hay ride tours. 


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JQ Fruit Farm & Orchard

8082 33rd St, Princeton, MN 55371

JQ Fruit Farm & Orchard is “a small family farm and we have been growing blueberries, apples and raspberries for 32 years.  We have been selling our fruit off the farm and at the local farmers market for 32 years.  If you don’t have a chance to get to the farm, we have our fruit at the Princeton Farmers Market on Saturday.

We are a traditional orchard. You pick the apples directly from the trees.  We do not have entertainment and we do not charge a separate fee to pick in our orchard, you only pay for the apples that you pick.   We want you to try the apples in the orchard and pick what you like. 

Varieties we grow: 

Beacon, Connell Red, Chestnut Crab apple, Frostbite,  Haralson, Honeycrisp,  Honeygold,  Keepsake, Kindercrisp (2 years), Norland,   Northwest Greening, Snappy Mac (2 years), SnowSweet, State Fair, Sweet 16, Triumph and Zestar.    


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Afton Apple Orchard

14421 90th St S, Hastings, MN 55033

Afton Apple Orchard is a “family owned and operated orchard of over 250 acres in the heart of the St. Croix Valley.  We are proud to serve our community with fresh apples, raspberries, black raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, pumpkins and more, picked right at the peak of perfection! 
Families and friends of all ages enjoy our 15-acre corn maze, sunflowers, hayrides, playground, petting farm and other adventures that you’ll find only at our farm! 

We are picking Haralson, Regent and Honey Gold apples! We have those varieties plus Honey Crisp, Cortland and Paula Red apples available in our retail store. We have LOTS of pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors!

We also have our usual fall activities including hayrides, huge playground, petting farm, Retread Hill, Johnny Combine, Straw Mountain, giant swing, giant rocking chair and more!”


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LuceLine Orchard

2755 Rose Ave, Watertown, MN 55388

LuceLine Orchard is a sprawling 155-acre property located in Watertown, MN on the Luce Line Trail. The orchard started in 2004 with a dream and 300 apple trees.

Today the orchard is just shy of 10,000 trees, 4,500 grape vines, and 10 acres of pumpkins. Their vision combined with hard work from family and friends has allowed them to open to the public.

We have seven different varieties of apples, loads of pumpkins, gourds, squash and a variety of foods with our own unique apple twist. With 80 acres of woods and wetland, walkers, runners, bikers, horse riders, bird watchers and dogs on leash will have plenty to do and see. Everything available for purchase at the orchard is Minnesota made. Come on out and experience the friendly small town farm feeling of LuceLine Orchard.”

Luceline Orchard also have sunflowers and a corn maze in the fall.


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Apple Jack Orchards

4875 37th St SE, Delano, MN 55328

Apple Jack Orchards began in “1983 with an initial planting of only 250 trees.  We have added more each year and now boast an astonishing 10,000 trees, including 29 different Minnesota apple varieties! We started selling our crop on a railroad cart on the side of the road which we still use outside our large apple barn to this day.

U-Pick is one of our most popular activities at Apple Jack’s!  Families have enjoyed picking their own fruits and decorative pumpkins for decades, come and see for yourself.

Varieties change weekly and are limited depending on crowds so check back often!  Our U-Pick pumpkin fields are usually available for picking in late September through Halloween.”

Gorgeous sunflower patch and corn maze in the fall.


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Croix Farm Orchard

12971 St Croix Trail S, Hastings, MN 55033

Croix Farm Orchard – “In 1980, John and Kay Leadholm decided to make a move from Duluth, Minnesota. Having spent most of his life as a pilot, John was looking for something completely different to do – and they decided an apple orchard was just the perfect thing. A new hobby, a chance to learn how to grow apples, and a way to give families in the community special Fall memories. John always said he wanted a place for “city kids” to get out and see the country.

They looked at orchards in Washington and Oregon, but fell in love with this property and decided to stay a little closer to home. John and Kay raised their two children on the orchard and have truly turned it into a family business.

In 2019, we lost both John and Kay to different illnesses. We hope they are now living where apples are ripe year round! John and Kay’s two kids – Jeff and Sara – have embraced the family business. Jeff and Sara, along with their families, are excited to welcome you to the orchard.

We have a huge variety of apples available to you throughout the season! Some of the apples we have at our orchard are: Whitney Crab, Beacon, Paula Red, Zestar, Ginger Gold, Sweet Tango, Chestnut Crab, Cortland, NW Greening, McIntosh, Sweet 16, Honey Crisp, Gala, SweeTango, Haralson, Honey Gold, Regent, Connell Red, Golden Russett, Fireside, Keepsake…and so many more!

Apple varieties ripen at different times of the Fall – so make sure to call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety!”

Pick your own apples, Minnesota grown pears, pumpkin patch and corn maze.


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Knapton’s Raspberries, Pumpkins & Orchard

5695 Hwy 55, Rockford, MN 55373

At Knapton’s, most things that are grown are available as pick-your-own.  “Raspberries in mid June – July, August – October. (There is a transition between summer and fall varieties.) There is never a day without raspberries in the field during summer and fall. However, each variety has its peak of production. The 4th of July and a week or two before the state fair are generally good dates to remember for berry picking bliss. But that is not to say other times of the year aren’t really good too. The slowest time is right at the end of July or August 1st. Give us a call before you head out. Every year is different. These are average ripening times.

Cherries in late June – mid July.

Tomatoes in late July – October.

Sweet corn late July – August.

Miscellaneous vegetables throughout the summer and fall. Zucchini, cucumbers, green beans and yellow (wax) beans, peppers, peas, kohlrabi, carrots, onion, garlic, beets, herbs, etc.

Cut flowers mid July – October.

Pumpkins, Squash early September – October.

Pears August – September

Plums in late August.

Apples ripen late August – October depending on variety. Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Haralson, Zestar!, Honeygold, Connell Red / Fireside, Prairie Spy, Cortland, Sweet Sixteen, Pristine, State Fair, Chestnut, Keepsake, N.W. Greening, Regent, Macoun, Frostbite, SnowSweet, Wealthy, Centennial, and other popular Minnesota apples.

Honey, Homemade jams and raspberry vinegar.

In the fall you can roam acres of pumpkin fields and pick your own perfect pumpkin from the vine where it grew. Specializing in growing large orange carving pumpkins with large stems. Also multi-colored, multi-textured heirloom gourds, squashes and pumpkins from around the world. Wholesale pumpkins.

100+ varieties of multi-colored pumpkins, large and small gourds and squashes.

Corn shocks, bales, ornamental corn, birdhouse gourds and unique fall decorations.”


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