5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in NC

Scariest Haunted House in North Carolina – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

We love scary haunted houses and visit lots of them if we can, though I have to say I always shriek the loudest!  It’s the live scare actors that always terrify me! 

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in NC.


Haunted Houses


The Haunted Farm

624 Townsend Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792

The Haunted Farm is Western North Carolina’s Scariest Attraction, and has been Voted Best Haunted House in NC! Located in rural farmland near Hendersonville, The Haunted Farm sits on a mysterious, blood-soaked stretch of land where the locals claim an age-old Blood Feud between the Lively and Tate families has devastated the local farming community. The Haunted History of Curses, Derangements, Undead, Ghosts, and terrible Bloodshed brings visitors from near and far – hoping to survive The Haunted Farm.


haunted house nc
Haunted Farm


Granville Haunt Farm

4534 US-15, Oxford, NC 27565

Our Drive-Thru Drive-In returns! Drive through our giant movie screen and watch the movies come to life on the other side! Stay in your vehicle as you drive along a path of new thrills and chills. And also new this season – timed ticketing! No more worrying about long lines and traffic jams like last season.


haunted houses North Carolina
Granville Haunt Farm


Haunted Forest at Panic Point

2808 Cedar Creek Rd, Youngsville, NC 27596

Haunted Forest at Panic Point – “11 short years ago we found an unhallowed plot of land, planted our little seeds of  panic, and gently nourished them with terror & dread until a full forest of fear emerged. The half-mile “Haunted Forest” Trail is our featured attraction. A 12 scene scream-fest with over 30 haunters to hound your every step. But that’s just the beginning. Some victims prefer the slightly shorter “Dark Trail” for its lack of light and unexpected twists. The “Haunted Hayride” rambles aimlessly through the woods among murderers, spiders & aliens.

“Killers in the Corn” is an assortment of distorted figures enough to make you want to hop the fence and flee with no regard for your own safety. It is the newest attraction but has taken its rightful place among our “Big 4”, purchased together as the Quad Fright. You’ll spend a couple hours going through 32 unique scenes and meet more than 70 creatures whose only purpose is to see you cower in fear.”


Haunted house North Carolina
Panic Point


Hollerin Haunts Hayride

2914 Bud Johnson Rd, Clinton, NC 28328

Hollerin Haunts Hayride – “The place where “We will scare the YELL out of you”. Hollerin Haunts Hayride is currently located at 2914 Bud Johnson Road in Clinton, North Carolina 28328. HHHR is conveniently located four miles from Spivey’s Corner. We provide a wide selection of entertainment at our park including a Haunted Hayride, a Haunted Corn Maze, and the NC Zombie Hunt. Along with these exciting attractions HHHR will also host our “My Bloody Valentine” event every February along with our annual “Friday The 13th Blackout” event held on a select date and/or dates.”

haunted corn maze NC
Hollerin Haunts Hayride


Pinhead’s Graveyard

168 Main St, Canton, NC 28716

Pinhead’s Graveyard, located at 168 Main Street, Canton, North Carolina 28716, is one of the Best & Top Rated Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in North Carolina and the South. We were Voted #1 North Carolina Haunted House & Attraction in 2018 & 2019 by NorthCarolinaHauntedHouses.com and Haunts.com

You will see main horror movie characters who do not want to be bothered including Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Art The Clown, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Jeepers Creepers, Pennywise, Otis, Victor Crowley  and many more.

In 2021, Pinhead’s Graveyard has moved inside! We found a century old building with rich history, creepy character and we are now able to operate our Haunted House in a truly Haunted Building. During preparation for the attraction, we have already experienced several supernatural events including orbs, moving objects, loud footsteps and other things that will make the hair on your arms stand straight up.

Being inside is allowing us to elevate the Graveyard from its outside roots and build elaborate sets, create jump scares and the addition of animatronics to supplement our already solid foundation of characters.

The graveyard is appropriate for all ages and groups with small children can expect a toned down version of scares. Even though we take pride on the realism of our haunted house, we also take pride that we are family orientated and family friendly. We are a fun and safe haunted house that people visit in October.


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Pinheads Graveyard



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