7 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in Connecticut

Scariest Haunted House in Connecticut – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

Haunted Houses in Connecticut take ‘scare game’ to the next level.  Your nightmare becomes real here, as possessed people will follow you, the witches torment you and the ghosts; frighten you. The adventure seekers vouch for the fun they have. Some of them are so popular that tickets get sold out on their websites, even before the attraction opens.

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in Connecticut. 


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Dark Manor

Address: 25 Main St, Baltic, Baltic, Connecticut -06330

Rated no.1 and having 17 years of experience with them, Dark Manor does not disappoint. The haunted trails on site, has on offer some great chills and constantly keeps on reinventing itself. The atmosphere is eerie,  the decorations are impressive and the professional artists know their job.

Dark Manor is an indoor-outdoor attraction. Terror lurks at every corner within the mansion and the outdoor graveyard will spook you out. Expect to hear chainsaws and screams of the visitors. There are no rides here; one has to enjoy the experience on foot. They run matinee shows as well night time shows.

For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.thedarkmanor.com


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Fright Haven

Address: 411, Barnum Avenue Cutoff, Stratford Connecticut-06615 

Set in an old movie theatre and the total area being around 20,000 square feet, Fright Haven is Connecticut’s largest haunted house. 

This non-profit haunted attraction sends its visitors through a labyrinth with one scare after another. They use a combination of gas, live actors dressed as witches and ghouls. Assortment of sounds, smells and optical illusions will give you goose bumps.

With lot of scary props and décor items the final effect is eerie. They also conduct halfway to Halloween special shows, but majority happen closer to Halloween in October.

For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.frighthaven.com


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Legends of Fear

Address: 2 Saw Mill City Road, Sheldon, Connecticut-06484 

For 25 years, Halloween lovers have been heading to ‘Legends of Fear’. The dead wait for you at The Legends of Fear. This attraction has 5 main segments: a ‘Haunted hayride and the hallow’ featuring the funhouse of fear, ‘Melon head revenge’, ‘Hemlock Manor mortuary’, ‘Pinehills Parish’ and ‘the Dark Harvest’.

Lots of changes and additions are done by the owners, so expect something different here each year. What remains the same is the sound of chainsaws, the maniacal laughter of the dead and the scary faces. The trees are decorated with orange lights and lot of Halloween décor can be seen on the property.

Flashing strobe lights and laser lights are used for an enhanced experience. You might get startled and maybe disoriented at some points. Good news for Halloween lovers is that Legends of Fear is open all year round. However not all acts are performed every day, they change routines. Please check their website for that.

For tickets and more details please visit their website:  www.legendsoffear.com


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Haunt on Eden

Address: Mount Southington ski area

Haunt on Eden is an open air attraction. A must for Halloween lovers, expect an hour of terror, blood and screams. The team is creative and their acting is super. They keep on re-inventing and you will see the theme of the attraction change every year. Haunt on Eden started in a house but with time it has become so popular that the owners shifted to Mount Southington ski area to host more people.

This attraction is open from Oct- Nov. This one is not for the weak. The frightened fans run for their lives as they are followed by someone revving chain saw. Shrieks of horror fill up the air. Special events are also held by them. It is a handicap accessible attraction.

For tickets and more details please visit their website:  www.hauntoneden.com


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Haunted Graveyard

Address: 2132 Middlebury Road, Middlebury, Connecticut- 06762

Haunted Graveyard is a great option if you want to take your children along. Established in 1999, this haunted house was brainchild of Ernie Romegialli, whose daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes. It serves the dual purpose of giving the visitors a good scare as well donating a part of the tickets sale proceeds to the American Diabetes Association and The Juvenile Research Foundation. 

They provide a right mix of scare and fun. You will come across ghosts, goblins, witches and vampires. The horror experience is enhanced with use of fog machines and stroke lights. The set is well done and takes an hour to walk through.

For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.hauntedgraveyard.com


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Nightmare Acres

Address: 240 Governors Hwy, South Windsor, CT 06074 

At Nightmare acre, you move in groups in dark areas. Each group is given a single glow stick to navigate around. It is an indoor- outdoor attraction. Outdoors, is 30 minute walk in the woods with maniacs and ghosts appearing from nowhere. Equally spooky is the Haunted house where the floor moves unexpectedly. Theme of each room is different. Sets, mazes, props and fog create a very scary ambience. You don’t know what will happen at the next corner. People dread the scarecrows and the creepy scary clowns. Each year, it’s a different experience for the visitors.

For tickets and more details please visit their website:   www.nightmareacresct.com


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The Forsaken Lands

Address: 435 Torrington Rd, Goshen, Connecticut-06756

Abandoned, deserted and long forgotten is how ‘The Forsaken Lands’ is best described. One of the latest Haunted houses in Connecticut, here it will be your rendezvous with the ghosts and some scary rubber faced figures. Some freaks will chase you with a chainsaw.

Always keep your head on swivel as they can creep out of nowhere.  Its unique location makes it scarier. Technology is top notch. Expect abundant crop fields, a deserted motel, an eerie diner area and a slaughter house which will make you uncomfortable. Want to get a glimpse of what awaits for you there, check out their Youtube channel. Limited tickets are sold each day, so better do prior booking on their website before going.

For tickets and more details please visit their website:  www.forsakenlandshaunt.com


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