4 Places for the Best Local Honey San Diego

Best Places for Local Honey San Diego – we love honey on fresh warm bread.  Or why not eat it with fruit and Greek yogurt?  It’s also said that local honey is great for helping hay fever.  We are not sure if that’s correct, but it’s a lovely thing to try!  Have a look at our list of places to find Local Honey in San Diego.


San Diego Honey Company

Sea Hive Station, 2750 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

At the San Diego Honey Company – “Our Floral Honey is sourced from the top local Southern California beehives in order to bring the best raw local honey to you.  Our Floral Honey vary in color, flavor and taste depending on the type of local flower blossoms that each bee colony prefers for their tasty nectar. 

Not sure which to try first?  Get a Honey Flight with a sampling of 3 oz jars to find your favorite one!”


san diego raw local honey


Stehly Farms Organics

12630 Santa Catalina Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082

At Stehly Farms Organics, we strive to bring you the freshest most delicious produce we can grow. From Blackberries to Avocados, and from Onions to Oranges, we grow a large variety of items through each and every season.

Navel Oranges, Valencia Oranges, Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Navel Oranges, Gold Nugget Tangerines, Satsuma Tangerines, Bearss Limes, Sweet Limes, Eureka Lemons, Meyer Lemons, Ruby Grapefruit, and Cocktail Grapefruit round out our citrus portfolio.

Consistently delivered the day after harvest, our spring and summer months fill our trucks and your bellies with the freshest Blueberries, Strawberries and Blackberries! And we can’t forget about our Dragonfruit which comes in in the late summer and stretches through fall!”

Stehly Farms run upick strawberries and blackberries.  In the fall they have a pumpkin patch and petting zoo.  They also sell their own organic honey.


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Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch

10254 Leona Ave, Leona Valley, CA 93551

At Rolling Thunder Cherry Ranch We welcome your family to enjoy our cherry orchard!

Come a hand-pick Rainier cherries, Bing cherries, and Skeena cherries. We guarantee pesticide free fruit so you can sample right off the tree.

You can find our cherry orchard in Leona Valley, CA – about 12 miles west of Palmdale and a short drive from Santa Clarita.

We also have Local Honey for sale, as well as our famous Cherry Lavender Sweet Tea.

Your family will find farm animals and lots of fun photo props for the memories to take home.

Our goal is for you to relax, enjoy the time here and leave feeling refreshed and saying, “I can’t wait to come back again”.”


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Mikolich Honey

519 West Cedar St. San Diego

When you buy a bottle of Mikolich Family Honey, “we are confident that you will recognize the difference in the quality and flavor! Unlike commercially packaged honey, our seasonal varietals are produced right here in Southern California, USA! Our honey is not blended, flash heated, pasteurized, or fine filtered. We extract and bottle our honey in house each summer. 

The honey is gently strained through a cheese cloth for harmful pieces like bee particles or stingers to prevent you from ingesting anything dangerous.”


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