6 Places for the Best Local Honey Bay Area

Best Places for Local Honey Bay Area– we love honey on fresh warm bread.  Or why not eat it with fruit and Greek yogurt?  It’s also said that local honey is great for helping hay fever.  We are not sure if that’s correct, but it’s a lovely thing to try!  Have a look at our list of places to find Local Honey in the Bay Area.


Cloverfield Organic Farm

501 La Paloma Rd, El Sobrante, CA 94803

Cloverfield Organic Farm “are the first certified organic farm in El Sobrante. We grow a wide variety of small amounts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and potted plants. We host weekly u-picks on Fri., Sat. and Sun. We offer different sizes to meet everyone’s needs. No need to call ahead, if the open sign is out, please drive on down and we will give you a tour and tell you what is ready for ‘the pickin’. Alternate u-picking times and farm visits can be arranged by calling ahead to Farmer Michael.

In May and June – Elderflowers, green wild plums, a few strawberries, mints (chocolate, apple, and strawberry-flavored), horseradish roots and leaves, Greek oregano, lemon balm, German thyme, Greek mountain tea flower stems, nopales pads, young grape leaves, rau ram, garlics, potatoes, green onions, chives, lettuce, beets, kale, marshmallow leaves, calendula flowers and seed heads, arugula, komatsuna, rosemary, sweetheart pink roses, catnip, epazote, lavender flowers, asparagus, chamomile, wormwood, purslane, bay leaves, borage leaves and flowers, dandelion greens, and rhubarb

Things that we expect to have available for u-picking in September include the following – Autumn berries, apples, Chilean guavas, Emeryville pink grapes, tomatoes, beets, sweet peppers, mild hot peppers, fiery hot red manzano peppers, rhubarb, squashes, a few figs, cucumbers, horseradish, lemon verbena, mints, and oregano.


wildflower unfiltered honey bay area


Lavender Bee Farm

746 Chapman Ln, Petaluma, CA 94952

At Lavender Bee Farm, “Both JoAnn and I are Petaluma locals, We have had interests in gardening projects for many years. We decided to grow lavender as a hobby and now there is so much interest from local people and businesses that the lavender farm has grown to over five thousand plants, with plans for more! The Lavender Bee Farm was established in 2001 on our family farm just on the outskirts of Petaluma (located in the beautiful Sonoma County).

Our growing method is all natural, no pesticides or fertilizers. The cutting and pruning are performed with hand tools. The soil is sandy loam, the plants have good drainage, watering is a drip system. We have many bee hives here at the farm that collects the sweet lavender nectar. Lavender honey is prized for its color and taste. The honey sells out quickly!”


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Lavender Bee Farm


Bees N Blooms

3883 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Welcome to Bees N Blooms and the “Lavender Labyrinth and Flower Gardens! Our beautiful farm is located at the foot of Taylor Mountain on the Santa Rosa Plain. The CCOF-Certified Organic acreage provides a home for thousands of honeybees and native bees, cut flowers of many varieties, a lavender labyrinth, an acre of lavender for oil production, and a tree nursery with pollinator-friendly trees.  Learn more about visiting Bees N Blooms, and don’t forget to check out our Lavender Bloom Status page to see how the lavender bloom progresses from spring through summer!

Bees N Blooms has between five and ten colonies of bees working to pollinate the flowers on the farm and produce honey. Our organic farm and the local environment  provides safe foraging for the honey bees, native bees, monarch butterflies, and other pollinators—free of pesticides and with plenty of food most of the year.

If you are interested in purchasing honey from Bees N Blooms, stop by the farm stand.”


lavender honey bay area


Cherry Time

1875 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513

Enjoy a fun filled day of cherry picking at Cherry Time. “Our cherry season is open from the beginning of May till Mother Nature tells us we are sold out (usually the 2nd weekend of June). We offer U-Pick and Pre-Picked Cherries. Cherry Time is owned and operated by the Bloomfield family.”

Cherry Time also offer local honey made on the farm.


local honey bay area


Bacchini’s Fruit Tree

2010 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree is a “family operated Picked and U-Pick fruit stand. We are located in beautiful Brentwood, California. Just 60 miles east of San Francisco. Growing premium quality fruits since 1945. Each year we are open during May & June to offer our fresh fruit, grown in our orchard!”

They have u-pick White Peaches, Kiowa Blackberries, Sweet Cherries, White Rainier cherries, Olallieberries, Pluots, Santa Rosa Plum, White Nectarines, Apricots, Loquats, Raw Honey and Walnuts.


raw honey bay area
Bacchini’s Fruit Tree


Clearview Orchards

646 Trabing Rd, Watsonville, CA 95076

Clearview Orchards produces the finest “CCOF certified organic apples. Whether you want to pick your own apples or simply pick up some organic fruit from our Apple Barn to take home, Our orchards are the place to create lifelong memories with the whole family. In addition to apples, Clearview Orchards sells fresh apple juice, delicious apple turnovers, organic squash, pumpkins, dried lavender, honey, and more. The orchards are in a beautiful terraced setting overlooking the valley of Watsonville, Only 3 miles from the ocean and La Selva beach. We hope to see you here soon!”


local honey orchards bay area



See our round up post of some of the best farms in the Bay Area as well as more local honey farms near me.


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  1. What a great list – thanks for sharing it, Nikki!
    If you’re on the San Francisco Peninsula and are looking for local honey, I recommend to check out Honey by the Bay in Belmont. We have a small honey stand in front of our house, as well as a mini shop online, where you can order raw, unfiltered, high quality local honey, all natural beeswax lipbalm as well: honeybythebay.com.

    Peter – Beekeeper at honeybythebay.com


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