6 Places for the Best Peach Picking Georgia (GA)

Peach Picking Georgia – who doesn’t love a freshly picked peach? 

Depending on which farm grows which varieties, you can typically pick peaches from June right through to September. 

Have a look at some great places to pick your own peaches in GA.


upick peach picking GA


Pearson Farm

5575 Zenith Mill Rd, Fort Valley, GA 31030

At Pearson Farm they have over a century of peach growing experience!

“For more than 135 years, the land we know as Pearson Farm has supported the growth of authentic Georgia-grown peaches and pecans as well as the growth of the five generations of family that pioneered it. The core elements remain the same today – good soil, hard work, honest dealings, family and faith.

Our hope and heart from the very beginning has always been to share the bounty the farm provided – peaches, pecans, and wonderful things made in the kitchen – and that remains our passion today. We are blessed with a strong family, happy to have visitors, honored to have friends, and committed to providing things in good measure.

We wholeheartedly invite you to visit us when you get the chance. We’d love to meet you with a warm, southern welcome and send you home with the best peaches and pecans from our backyard.

From June until early August, we proudly ship our fresh Georgia peaches all over the continental United States.* Handpicked straight from our orchards, these sweet peaches are a summertime delight.  Clingstone peaches are available at the beginning of peach season in early June, while Freestone and Prince peaches will be harvested beginning mid-June through the end of the season. ”

Places for the best Peach Picking GA
Pearson Farm


Sweets Berry Farm

 3800 Davis Academy Rd, Rutledge, GA 30663

Sweets Berry Farm is easy to find and offers a fun day out in the country for all the family.

“Our 15 acre farm is between Covington and Madison on Interstate-20. If you enjoy the great taste of sun ripened fruits and berries, picking with friends and being in the countryside, then pay us a visit. The difference between our fresh picked fruits and ‘ripened in the back of a truck or warehouse’ will keep you coming back! At Sweets Berry Farm, we plant many varieties of each type of fruit and berry, allowing us to have early, mid, and late season picking.  Taste-test and choose the varieties that you like best!”

You can pick peaches, apples, blackberries, blueberries, pear and plums at Sweets Berry Farm.


upick peaches GA
Sweets Berry Farm


Gregg Farms

5634 Concord Rd, Concord, GA 30206

Gregg Farms in Georgia is a modest Upick Orchard, dedicated to growing and producing the best peaches they can, for you to pick and enjoy!

“Gregg Farms began selling peaches to public in the early 1970’s. John and Patsy Gregg started the U-Pick~We-Pick Farm with the help of their two sons Lee and Brad.

The orchard has been going strong for well over 40 years….it’s had it’s tough times with late frosts, but the good seasons still came after those years. John and Patsy did a tremendous job making the peach business a success, and now Patsy and her sons keep the operation growing. They have grown by adding many seasonal vegetables and fruits to the original peach stand. Now blueberries, blackberries, nectarines, watermelons, tomatoes, silver queen sweet corn and many varieties of peas are available along with the delicious peaches.

The greatest addition to the peach stand is the homemade peach ice cream!! Started back in 2006 the ice cream has been a fantastic hit!! People drive near and far for our delicious ice cream!”


pick your own peaches georgia


Southern Grace Farms

3131 Vickers Church Rd, Enigma, GA 31749

The Upick fruit opportunities at Southern Grace Farms are excellent but the fun activities for a day on the farm don’t end there – read on to find out all the wonderful family friendly things there are to do!

“Visit our u-pick farm in South Georgia and pick a gallon of fresh Georgia Grown strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, nectarines, or plums. Let the kids play on our unique, re-purposed farm tire playground, browse our country store filled with Georgia Grown Goodies and Southern apparel & gifts, and sit on the porch enjoying a cup of our deliciously addictive homemade strawberry ice cream! We schedule field trips to our South Georgia farm in the spring and host birthday parties year round.

Since our farm is located in South Georgia, our Peach crop is very weather dependent. If we have a very warm winter, then we don’t have a good peach crop because the peach trees need a certain amount of chill hours to go through a dormant state. When we have normal temperatures, and make a good amount of fruit, we open our orchards for U-Pick and we have already picked Peaches available in our Country Store. We grow several different varieties that are early, normal, and late bloomers in the hopes of having a longer picking season. Since they all have different chill hour requirements, sometimes one variety has a better/heavier crop than another. Peaches are not like strawberries in that they will not just keep on blooming and producing to make a long season. Once all the peaches are picked the tree is done for the season. All seasons are weather dependent on our farm so be sure to check here, our facebook page, or call ahead to find out what’s available!”


Places for the Best Peach Picking GA
Southern Grace Farm



Jaemor Farms

5340 Cornelia Hwy, Alto GA 30530

The ethos at Jaemor Farms is about family values, through and through.

“Tucked into the foothills of the north Georgia countryside, Jaemor Farms was established on family values and hard work that has been passed down for six generations in the Echols family. In 2002, we began to diversify the crops grown on the farm to beyond just peaches and apples.

Now our customers can enjoy homegrown strawberries, blackberries, muscadines, scuppernongs, Concord grapes, watermelon, squash, tomatoes, peaches zucchini, pumpkins and more during our harvest season. In 2006, we opened our first corn maze and began to participate in the state’s agritourism industry. Today, on average, Jaemor sees more than a million customers annually and we are happy to host each and everyone one of them to let them taste the difference family makes.

One of the most cultivated and well-known crops throughout written history, the apple is still a firm favorite. During apple season Jaemor Farms specializes in east coast apples. While we grow Ginger Gold and Arkansas Black apples at the farm and harvest in late September/Early October, due to our working relationships with other farms we are able to bring in fresh Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Winesap, Mutsu, Red Rome, among other varieties each fall when in season. We ensure that, even in our off season, we have a fresh supply of tasty apples available.”

peach farms for fruit picking GA
Jaemor Farms

Southern Belle Farm

1658 Turner Church Rd, McDonough, GA 30252

It will really feel like summer has started with a family day out picking peaches and enjoying fun in the sun on the farm at Southern Belle Farm.

“Southern Belle Farm is a family owned 330-acre working farm. We are open seasonally for fresh produce, berry picking, peach picking, fall fun, Christmas trees, and much more! Conveniently located in McDonough, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, Southern Belle Farm provides a wholesome family atmosphere where memorable experiences are made!

Southern Belle Farm’s fields are in full production with berries, fresh vegetables … and hundreds of peach trees! Come for the produce, but stay and play at the farm, too!

In the peach orchard, we have ten different varieties of peaches that start ripening in early June and continue through most of the summer. We provide containers to pick your peaches in.”

Places for the Best Peach Picking GA
Southern Belle Farm



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