6 Places for the Best Blackberry Picking NC

Places for the Best Blackberry Picking NC – we love apple and blackberry crumble, or just eating blackberries as they are!  We have a great list of farms that offer blackberry picking in North Carolina.


Page Farms

6100 Mt Herman Rd, Raleigh, NC 27617

Page Farms are a “fourth generation family farm trying to keep our heritage alive by bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to you all throughout the year.  This hundred acre farm has seen a lot of change since 1922 when it was purchased.  Many different crops have been grown in these fields year after year.

From ripening strawberries in the Spring time to pumpkins in the Fall, we have been here year round making sure that only the best is grown here just for you. For many years we were proud tobacco farmers right here in North Carolina.  When the tobacco buy-out came about, we had to change over to a new cash crop: corn and strawberries.   We are still a proud family and would like to share the experience of a real working farm with you and your family.

Join us in the Spring for Strawberry picking, Summer for Blackberry picking, and in the Fall for Pumpkin picking and the Corn Maze.  We are conveniently located in Raleigh, North Carolina n​ear Durham, Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest.”


blackberry picking NC
Page Farms

Knob Creek Orchard

6471 Fallston Rd, Lawndale, NC 28090

At Knob Creek they love everything apples and offer an extensive range of delicious apple based products in their farm shop.

“Knob Creek Orchards has been family owned and operated since 1958.  We started as a small apple and peach business on the Cleveland-Lincoln county line and have grown to sell strawberries, blackberries, and homemade ice cream.

At Knob Creek Orchards we grow a wide variety of fruit.  We open up in the spring each year with strawberries.  In summer you will find peaches and blackberries.  The fall of the year brings us to a close with many varieties of apples.  Be sure to experience the joys of Knob Creek Orchards at every season. We begin harvesting apples in late August through December, so you will have plenty of time to make multiple trips to Knob Creek to experience many types of apples.

With acres and acres of blackberries, there is enough to fill all of your blackberry needs! We have many varieties of blackberries from July to September. Just as some are preparing to ripen, others are plump, juicy and ready to be picked! 

The blackberries pictured here are a month and a half away from harvesting and, not only are they tasty, but picture perfect as well.  Our anticipated harvest time for blackberries is the first week in July, but harvest times are subject to change based on the weather.


We have all the berries you need to satisfy your blackberry cravings whether you are in the mood for fresh berries, homemade ice cream, cider, or jam!


blackberry picking NC
Knob Creek

Millstone Creek Orchards

506 Parks Crossroads Church Rd, Ramseur, North Carolina 27316

At Millstone Creek Orchards, in addition to the Pick-Your- Own, they offer a whole host of family orientated events throughout the year.

“Blackberries (June-July)

With a mixture of sweet and tart blackberry varieties, we have one to suit your taste buds. In total, we grow 4 different types of u-pick blackberries and have both thorn and thornless bushes. Blackberries are easy & fun to pick and even better to eat. They make the best jams and jellies, and they’re flavor when picked fresh is unreal.

Varieties: Kiowa, Triple Crown, Navaho, & Arapaho”

blackberry picking NC
Millstone Creek Orchards


Jeter Mountain Farm Orchard

1126-A Jeter Mountain Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739

With a rich history in the art of growing fruit, Jeter Mountain Farm offers apple picking from August to October.

“Jeter Mountain Farm is settled on 411 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains and has been an active farm in Henderson County since 1813. When you visit our farm, we hope laughter will fill your wagon ride out to our u-pick orchards, and that your family will be delighted to fill your baskets with the berries, peaches, pumpkins, grapes and 23 varieties of apples that we grow.

We are proud to have over 23 varieties of apples available in our U-Pick orchards in addition to blackberries, peaches, blueberries and pumpkins, and each variety becomes ripe at different times throughout the harvest season. To find when your favorite produce will be ready, what we are picking this weekend and what is available in our market visit the website. Our hope is that your family can find fun activities, enjoy fresh donuts, cider, and fruit, and above all else, discover an experience that your family will remember and carry home with you.”


blackberry picking NC
Jeter Mountain Farm

Justus Orchard – Blackberry Picking NC

187 Garren Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792

“The Justus family has been growing apples for over 100 years, we love what we do and invite you to visit our apple orchard in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  Enjoy a day in the country with your family, picking apples from our dwarf-size apple trees, bring your lunch and enjoy eating it at our new picnic area while you take in the beautiful views surrounding our apple orchard.

We offer apple orchard tours for families, church groups and other groups featuring quality apples and a great time for all. You can pick your own apples, or we can pick them for you, but whichever way you like it you’re sure to find the variety of apple you love.  Make sure while you are here you visit our bakery for your favorite dessert.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Here at Justus Orchard, we grow thornless Navaho Blackberries that are sweet and easy to pick.

We are open for U Pick Blackberries 7 days a week starting early July, exact dates are subject to weather conditions that year.”


u pick blackberries nc
Justus Orchards


Obermiller’s Farm for Blackberry Picking NC

621 Allstar Ln, Hendersonville, NC 28739

The Obermiller’s Farm is a “pick your own strawberry, blueberry and blackberry farm that opens seasonally for berry picking. We open generally from the first week of May for strawberries until the season ends, usually around the first week of June. Blueberries and blackberries usually start around the 4th of July and pick to about Labor Day.”


blackberry picking NC
Obermillers farm

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