The financial justification for buying property in the UAE in 2023

The UAE property market has been popular among foreign buyers, especially in the last decade. The emergence of world-class infrastructure, high-quality properties, and favourable government policies has made the UAE a desirable destination for real estate investment. If you’re looking to invest your money wisely, buy property in UAE in 2023 as the real estate market is expected to thrive.

Why Dubai’s real estate market thrives

Property investment in the UAE is a rewarding experience

The UAE’s booming economy has led to significant infrastructure development and job opportunities. It has resulted in growing housing demand. Researchers can research properties and market trends in the UAE using Emirates.Estate.

Here are some statistics and figures to consider.

  1. According to Bayut, the leading property portal in the UAE, Dubai’s property prices have decreased by 27% from peak levels in 2014. It means that investors can now buy properties at lower prices than in previous years, which provides better value for money.
  2. In Q1 2021, the Dubai residential market saw a 6% increase in transactions compared to the same period in 2020, according to Property Monitor.
  3. UAE rental yields are relatively high compared to other global markets.

An overview of the property market in the United Arab Emirates at the moment

  1. Increasing demand for affordable housing: Developers are responding to this trend by launching projects that cater to these buyers, with some developments offering prices as low as AED 280,000.
  2. Expansion of the rental market.
  3. Focus on sustainable design.

It was a decrease of 0.44% compared to 2020.

Bayut & Dubizzle say some developers in the UAE offer up to 100% financing on property value, in addition to other incentives.

Lastly, private financing is gaining popularity in the UAE, particularly among those who cannot obtain a mortgage from a bank.

Strong market growth

Buying a property in the United Arab Emirates comes with a number of risks and challenges

  1. Fluctuating property values are a significant risk for those planning to buy property in the UAE. The market can experience rapid growth and decline, which affects property prices. As such, investors need to know the latest trends and mitigate risks. It includes avoiding high-risk locations or hiring a reliable real estate agent to guide them.
  2. Potential issues with title deeds can also arise, so it’s crucial to verify the legal status of the property before signing a sale agreement.
  3. Another challenge facing foreign investors is the difficulty of obtaining financing as non-residents. It’s advisable to work with a local bank that has experience working with non-residents to avoid unnecessary complications.
  4. Additionally, foreign ownership laws and taxes can be complex, and investors may need to pay additional fees or taxes.
  5. Cultural and language barriers can also challenge those unfamiliar with the local market.
  6. It’s vital to conduct thorough research and work with reputable real estate agents, lawyers, and financial advisors who can help navigate the complex process.

Prospects for the UAE’s property market in the future

The future outlook for the market looks positive and promising. One of the key drivers of this growth is the steady influx of foreign investors. These investors are attracted to the UAE’s favourable business environment, stable political climate, and diverse offerings.

Another factor that boosts the UAE property market is the government’s efforts to diversify the economy. It will drive property demand.

While some other markets may experience fluctuations and uncertainties, the UAE’s stable economic and political environment makes it a safe and secure destination for property investment. As a result, the UAE will continue to be a leading choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. It will enable them to generate steady returns over the long term.

An analysis of the UAE property market in comparison with other global markets

Oversupply of properties in some areas, declining oil prices, and economic uncertainty have impacted market growth rates and pricing.

Given the UAE’s strategic location, tax-free jurisdiction, and stable political environment, real estate investment remains a solid choice for investors seeking long-term returns and diversification. However, investors and stakeholders must have a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the UAE property market’s dynamics to make informed decisions. Understanding factors such as market trends, regulatory frameworks, and supply and demand dynamics is essential for investors to make rational investment decisions. It will enable them to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.


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