5 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in Miami

Scariest Haunted House in Miami – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

Are you celebrating your Halloween without visiting Miami’s haunted houses? How can you call it the scariest spooky walk if you have not been to one of the most terrifying Haunted Houses of Miami.

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in Miami. 


Haunted Houses



The Horrorland

Address: 1111, Parrot Jungle Trail-33132  

Known to be the ‘Best Halloween attraction of South Florida’. A single ticket for The Horrorland will lead you to 20 or even more frightening attractions.

The Nun Revenge, Voodoo, Hell Pumpkin, Stranger House, The Vampire Circus Clown Palooza, and Santa’s Death Wish are some of the eeriest breath-snatching attractions of Horrorland.

A 35 minute ride in Horrorland will take your breath away. It is high on spooky level and set designs are praiseworthy.

“Are you ready to experience the scariest and bigger haunted house in Miami? Every year is different… One ticket grants you access to the entire walkthrough. Including eight main haunted attractions, eight scary outdoor zones, bloody carnival games, a horror art exhibition, a fear gift shop, a creepy beer garden, a coffin bar, a macabre food village (including delectable treats and inspired menu items), and terrific circus show featuring The Vampire Circus.”



House of Horror Haunted Carnival

Address: 1625 NW, 107th Avenue, Doral, Miami FL-33172

Visit a deserted departmental store where the possessed roam about at House of Horror. It’s a mayhem in all of its four attractions: Drown Town, Silent Mall, Scare X Studios and ‘Insanitorium’. Stay away from the residents if you don’t want to get affected.

However they keep on changing and improvising so you might not find the same attraction the next year. Comprehend the horridness of House of Horror Haunted Carnival by viewing the realistic videos of the spooky home on its official website.

It is an indoor outdoor attraction with an attractive carnival like some rides outside whereas in the dark and dingy indoors you come face to face with your fear.




Cortez Manor at the Curtiss Mansion

Address: 500, Deer Run, Miami Springs, FL-33166

Curtiss Mansion, a landmark building in Florida and a tourist attraction, organizes Halloween events close to the Halloween period in its Cortez Manor.

The dreadful fictional characters of Dr. Cortez and Nurse Blackwater will come to life.

They leave no stone unturned to treat you and they call it Gateway to Wellness. It is an indoor outdoor attraction. At the manor market, you can play some challenging games at an additional cost.





No Way Out- Haunted City Of Miami

Address: 1675, West 49th Street, West End Mall, Hialeah. South Florida, FL-33

Located in the West end Mall, zombies and scary creatures with blood smeared faces await you. No Way Out is one of the top haunted houses in Miami.

The Cabin and the Dolphin mall are two horrible sections of this eyesore city.

The horror experience’s theme is insomnia and the afraid adults. A child friendly attraction, they have a section of games, to keep your child engaged.




Paranoia Horror Maze

Address: 2602, NW, 5 Avenue, Miami, Florida-33127

“Do you dare?” The question is asked by Paranoia Horror Maze, way before you even enter the spooky bungalow. There is blood to freak you out and ghouls to test your fears.

Their much dreaded Interactive Maze lasts for about 20 minutes, giving you goosebumps and raising your heartbeat to the next level.

It is open all year round and promises a new experience each time you visit it.






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