7 Places for the Scariest Haunted House in Georgia

Scariest Haunted House in Georgia – are you looking for a spooky haunted house to visit this fall? 

Georgia’s history involves many tumultuous events and historical battles. Therefore, it is not unusual to hear spooky stories featuring lost souls, poltergeists and spirits. If you are an individual with a brave heart, visiting haunted houses in Georgia can get the adrenaline going for you. There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than visiting one of them in the months of October- November.

So, whether you want to visit an ancient farmhouse, a scary asylum, or haunted woods, here is a list of haunted houses in Georgia . 


Haunted Houses



Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House

Horror finds a new home at Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House – the theme of it being an abandoned hospital where the doctors and medical staff members have contracted a deadly contagious disease, which spreads further whoever touches the infected.

Here you will come across some sickening smells and disturbing sounds. Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House has many twists and turns that can send you a chill down the spine. To navigate your way around, each group will be handed a small size torch.

Your objective while navigating through them will be to come out as a survivor. This haunted house is so popular that the owners operate at two different addresses. One attraction goes by the name The Haunted Hospital, the other is called The Haunted House. 


For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.nightmaresgate.com

Addresses: 3931 Longview Drive, Douglasville, GA 30135 (Haunted Hospital), 3844 Longview Drive, Douglasville, Georgia 30135 (Haunted House), 404-275-2757



Camp Blood

On the southern side of Carrolton in Georgia lies a trail by the name of Camp Blood.

Only a few people have been in the scary little town with redneck horror and humor. “Cajun Carnage” – the star attraction of the haunted house in Georgia – tests a visitor’s skills and strategies of walking through woods. It will be a ½ mile walk where you shall encounter some scary characters and come across various sets in different themes. 

The location is dark and dimly lit but you shall witness special effects at some points. You will feel your heart beat as you walk around. A part of its profits goes to a local kids charity: just one of the reasons, you should visit it.


For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.campblood.com

Address: 2277 Whooping Creek Road, Carrollton, GA, 770-854-2267



Zombie Farms

Zombie Farms is Georgia’s top haunted attraction and one of the largest as it is set in 33 acres farmland. It held its first show in 2012  and will be completing a full decade in October 2022. Owners have already issued a warning, expect some real horror this October. 

Each year unlike other haunted houses, they change their storylines. The location is extremely secluded and gives an eerie even before you enter the main house. Usually there are 12 different sets, each done up well with perfect sounds and lights. It is about a 40 minute walk from start to end that is replete with creepy characters and monsters.

Your reflexes will be on high alert all the time and hair will raise uptil the end. However the owners have made the experience child friendly by adding a few laughs in between.


For tickets or other information, you can visit their website: www.zombiefarms.com

Address: 568 Smithonia Road, Winterville, GA





Fearopolis is a popular zombie zone with haunted mazes, a haunted house, and other attractions. It is hilariously funny making it a child friendly attraction.

The Escape room makes for a fun room where clues are hidden. In addition, you can also take a family-friendly hay-ride packed with astonishing visuals and sound effects.

They have ‘Big Black Hole Maze’, ‘Pumpkin Launch’, ‘Zombie Haunted Mazes’, ‘Zombie Haunted House’ and Haunted Laser Tag – you can expect a full day of fun with your family and friends.


For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.funopolisfamilyfuncenter.com

Address: 40155 Highway 441 S Commerce, GA, 706-335-3866




Hell’s Gates


As an outdoor reality drama, Hell’s Gates gives its visitors an opportunity to be part of the whole experience instead of just watching it. Here, you can go on an outdoor trail involving several scenes of shocking reality.

To be precise, it involves as many as nine such scenes. In an hour-long experience, you will not only meet live actors but also explore an amazing setting involving several elements. These include gunfire, explosions, fires, and video effects.

Overall, Hell’s Gates promises to provide you with a memorable haunting experience. 


For tickets and more details please visit their website:  www.hellsgates.com

Address: 329 Harmony Church Road Dawsonville, GA 888-295-0099



Ringgold Haunted Depot


At Ringgold Haunted Depot, you can take a ghost tour. The ghost tour which takes place in a dark setting is quite popular. The tour involves going to some of the creepiest places in a bus as the tour host narrates some horrific stories as you ride.

You will come across dilapidated buildings giving you chills. This is an indoor-outdoor attraction. The whole experience is cut in segments. The haunted house has some great scares waiting for you too. Each room is done up in different themes.

When you add up hayride along with these things, the whole experience is just perfect. It may disappoint people who want serious jump scares, but others thoroughly enjoy it.


For tickets and more details please visit their website:  www.nothinlikeringgold.com

Address: 155 Depot Street Ringgold, GA, 706-935-3061



Containment Haunted House


Do you wish to be in the middle of terrifying things that you have only imagined? You can do so in Containment Haunted House. An extremely frightening attraction of Georgia, its setting is based on a fall day when the sun sets in.

The decor is exceptional. As you enter, it becomes foggy, and screams fill the air. The smell is foul. The creatures wait for you at the door giving you some intense jolts.  Located just 15 minutes from Atlanta, its location is extremely accessible unlike some which are located in remote areas.

However do check, as they are shifting to a new location soon. 


For tickets and more details please visit their website: www.containmenthauntedhouse.com

Address: 1320 Blairs Bridge Road Lithia Springs, GA, 770-765-5334





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